Families Falter When Communication Fails

Outcomes for children with trouble speaking, learning, and reading include shame, bullying, dropping out, unemployment, incarceration – and WORSE!

Is your child’s current learning plan sufficient?

A speech-first approach to communicating – talking, listening, reading, writing, spelling – takes advantage of the biological wiring in the brain. Your child won’t learn to read without a strong foundation of speech and language skills. You need someone with master’s level training in speech, language, and education teaching your child!

Is your child struggling and suffering needlessly?

Your child’s future begins with YOUR education. We empower parents to make educated decisions about their child’s learning. Take action NOW!

Talk to a Speech-Language expert to help your child overcome learning difficulties and discover their confidence.

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Getting to the Source of Challenge When A Child Struggles

When looking at performance – be it academic performance or social competence – you want to look to for the source of the difficulty when there are challenges. This requires a clear understanding of what the task requires – a task analysis – and knowing a child’s...

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Predicting Learning Difficulty Through Pronoun Acquisition

I had a conversation with a parent the other day. They were curious to know why I was so interested in the pronoun errors of their 4-year-old daughter. We got into a discussion about how children’s brains acquire speech, language, and literacy skills - and what...

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If you Give a Child a Fish, They Won’t Know How to Read

Ok, That’s a bit of a mixed metaphor.  But let me explain! I’m thinking a lot about process vs. content lately. Something that gets me really excited about the instruction we are providing to our students is that we are process focused. What does that mean? You know...

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