Families Falter When Communication Fails


Core Values

  • Serve Families First
    • Relationships Matter.  We seek first to understand, and then we respond from a place of being Family Focused – Always.
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Bring Fidelity to Purpose
    • Our decisions and actions are driven by our belief that we are Speaking For Families and our desire for children and families to Achieve, Believe, and Communicate.
  • Teach & Reach: Skill Development & Knowledge Transfer
    • Children learn through discovery.  In our transformational approach to instruction, we first REACH our students through engagement to establish trust and foster motivation; this creates the needed foundation to TEACH strategies and skills.
  • Put the “I”s in Team
    • We implement Intentional, Individualized Interventions – there is no “canned solution” or “1-size fits all” approach to how children learn, grow, and develop. We work together with our clients to design a custom-tailored experience.
  • “C”s The Day
    • We Commit to Continuous Improvement; we believe Capacity has no Ceiling
      • When something is working well, we keep working at it until it is working perfectly.
      • We relentlessly pursue current research, professional development, and best practises.
    • We Commit to Collaborative relationships and partnerships to create endless opportunity and possibility.
    • We Communicate from a place of integrity and authenticity with lifelong relationships foremost in mind. Trust brings velocity; honesty brings sustainability.
  • Integrity in Spades
    • We operate from a core of integrity across relationships and responsibilities. We do what we know to do, what people expect us to do, and what we are capable of doing in a timely manner to the best of our ability.


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Families suffer when loved ones have trouble communicating. Find answers and get support now.

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Our Mission is to make it easy for families and professionals to come together. Learn how we can help.

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