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Trent Wilson M. Ed., M. Sc. – SLP (C), R – SLP Director

speech therapist Calgary As my students will attest, I love to have fun.  However, I take it pretty seriously when children are having difficulty learning to communicate.

I started this business to address some gaps.  I have 10 years of experience working in public schools (in fact, I have worked in over 40 schools!) and I see alarming trends – high numbers of students that are not reading at Grade level; instruction that does not seem to make a difference; and an air of resignation or frustration that often leads to accommodation for the student rather than teaching them to read!


I also noticed a gap in my level of fulfillment.  I often felt overwhelmed by my caseload size and ineffective in my ability to make an impact with my students.  I did not see how to change service delivery models (which was one of the drivers to complete my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership).  Often there was already a literacy strategy in place, and it did not align with my beliefs about how children learn to read.

I can get pretty engrossed in trying to make a difference, and there was also a gap in my work-life balance.  I have two beautiful daughters, a wife, and a dog and I found it difficult to be physically home as well as mentally present when I needed to be.  I understand the flexible needs of families and the value of quality time spent together.  I am also too conscious of how a child who is struggling to read can become a stressor on the entire family unit.

My approach is informed by research.  Brain imaging studies of typical readers show us what we can expect when a child reads; studies of children who are struggling to read show us what can go wrong.  My instructional approach, materials, and resources are founded in research to normalize brain functioning and strengthen neural connections.  I get really excited about meeting new students and discovering their Learning Profile – learning how they learn.  Then, we take what they are doing well and use that to teach to the areas of challenge.  The result is a custom-tailored instructional approach or Learning Plan that is designed around the individual’s Learning Profile.  In other words, we create a program to teach each child in the way that they learn.  Our instructional approach aligns with the Standards of Practise recommended by the International Dyslexia Association, and is appropriate for emergent readers all the way through to adults.

I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your child and learn how I can serve you in their development of speaking, reading, writing, and spelling.

Tracy Schaan M.Sc.A, SLP (C), R.SLP Speech – Language Pathologist

speech therapy Calgary Whether guiding individuals or families in addressing communication challenges, or leveraging their skills to become exceptional communicators, Tracy goes the extra mile to deliver speech and language services with a high standard of warm and compassionate professionalism. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in Linguistics from the University of Calgary, and a Master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders from McGill University, her practice is grounded by the values of integrity, excellence, humility, and empathy. She has experience working with both children and adults in areas such as articulation and phonology, traumatic brain injury, voice, and literacy – and continues to seek out ways to continually expand and enhance her skills.

Coralee Legault M. Ed, B. Ed French Immersion Teacher/Literacy Coach

speech impediment Calgary Coralee has always had a  love of languages and literacy. Reading Comprehension has always been a major focus in her 16 years of teaching French Immersion. Literacy is the foundation of learning and working with students one on one or in small groups allows us to focus on what they need to help them improve their literacy skills. Coralee’s Master’s Degree from the Campus St-Jean, U of A allowed her to further explore reading comprehension and it’s impact on learning.  Coralee plays  game based activities with the students that allow them to relax and come out of their shells. It is her desire that each student leaves a session with a smile on their face.

Dominique Tardecilla Speech Therapy Assistant

speech specialist Calgary Dominique Tardecilla is a speech therapy assistant who supports children and young adults to achieve their communication potential. Dominique understands what is takes to support individuals and their voices – and it’s not always found in the therapy activity; rather, It’s how well you connect with the individual, and how well you communicate your empathy and understanding in a way that resonates with them. Dominique has experience supporting a diverse range of peoples across the lifespan in a variety of community settings.  Dominique is completing her double major in Speech-Language Sciences, and Community Rehabilitation Disability Studies at the University of Calgary.

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