“Not only did my daughter make enormous gains at school because of this program, her confidence and happiness at school were drastically improved! Thanks Speak2Read!”

Laurie Wright, Children’s Author

“Our daughter started at a Kindergarten level and has now almost caught up to her classmates.  I am very happy with the progress she has made over the last few months.  She now takes the time to sound things out on her own and is often successful, and doesn’t get as frustrated as she used to.  I’m very impressed, and I totally recommend this program”.

Alida’s Mom

“Trent has been a great help to our 7-year-old son … he made our son comfortable from our very first meeting. Trent has given us tools as parents to help our son further on our own time. He was very flexible and accommodating with our limited schedule as well as our benefits. Trent has shown through his actions with our son and the information he has provided is that he is not only well educated in his field but that he truly has a passion for what he does and cares about the people he is helping.”

Jessica Braden

“We googled and found a listing of Speech Therapists, and the list was very overwhelming. Then we found Calgary Speech Pathology, and it was one-stop shopping!”

Heather Dagenais
“The first time I had speech therapy I thought it would be boring, but then at the end it was so much fun because I got to play a game!”

Zack, age 7
At first I didn’t want to work with Trent because I felt too old. Trent has been pretty cool and I have enjoyed working on reading and spelling with him.”

Basil, age 16
Trent has been very knowledgeable in teaching reading and spelling to my son. he has made him feel comfortable – he has a great respect for his students. It can feel time consuming to add something else to our day, but it has been worth it”.

Dorothy, All-star mom and home school teacher
We’ve been looking into things for a long time now to find out what is holding our daughter back. We weren’t sure where to go next or how to move things along. I discovered Trent through his Facebook videos and he seemed to have a different approach. In our first meeting he made several hypotheses and observations that seemed to hit the nail on the head in describing our daughter and some of the things we were seeing at home. He made a couple referrals for us that have worked out very well, as well as completing his own assessment. I would really encourage anyone who has a child that is struggling with speech, reading, or learning to go and see Trent – it was so valuable to me and I’m so glad that we did it.

Chelsea Reeves
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