Vision Statement:

Being the source of self-esteem, confidence, and peace of mind.


We reliably deliver our vision to children, parents, and educators through research-based and engaging instructional methods that have children develop the ability to speak and read.


  • Integrity – We operate from a core of integrity across relationships and responsibilities. We do what we know to do to fulfill on our vision.
  • Authenticity – open, free conversation and transparent operations
  • Connection – engagement to establish trust and foster relationships
  • Contribution – Achievement and success are discovered in partnership
  • Collaboration – Working together to achieve our vision
  • Creativity – creating innovative solutions and approaches

Talk to a Speech-Language expert to help your child overcome learning difficulties and discover their confidence.

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Speech & Language

Families suffer when loved ones have trouble communicating. Find answers and get support now.

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Our Mission is to make it easy for families and professionals to come together. Learn how we can help.

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