There’s power in language. Humans developed language for social purposes – to operate in, and on, our environment. Through communication, we can give to others and receive from others. The power of language is the access it provides to belonging and connection through bonding, and the contribution and collaboration that arises from efforts that are coordinated through language.

Speculate on what is possible for children in learning to communicate! (The answer is some version of “everything” and “anything”). In acquiring spoken language, children are poised to acquire written language as a next inevitable step (reading, writing, and spelling).
In learning to read, children are drawn into a magical world of imagination, an infinite source of information for their voracious appetite for curiosity, and through writing they discover how to capture their thoughts for permanent storage on paper, and a new modality of communication (e.g., texting with grandma!)

Learning to read enhances confidence and self-esteem. It solidifies a sense of self through expression. It creates a sense of fulfillment and engagement in school and learning; and children experience an “intactness” through learning a difficult skill over time through persistent practise. Children who learn to communicate are empowered, and they are enthralled with learning.

Proper instruction and practise to teach children communication skills are important. Through education, parents experience peace of mind in knowing that their child is eager to learn, has the necessary tools, and that the hard work and diligence will pay off – the plan has been made, and working the plan will yield the result. Parents experience confidence and a sense of “intactness” when they feel their child is “taken care of” and “on track”. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment available to parents from this space of peace and reassurance. There is an opportunity to be enthralled with all your child can do and who your child is when worry and concern are not present. Parents are empowered and enthralled when their children learn to communicate.

Families work when family members are living in an empowered and peaceful space of confidence, intactness, and being enthralled with learning, communication, and enriching connectedness in social relationships. From this space, families experience harmony.

Harmony is defined as congruence, agreement, accord, internal calm, and tranquility. Harmony can be defined as an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative.

What an appropriate space for families to aspire to and operate from! Inside of family, there is each individual’s journey, commitments, opportunities, interests, challenges, and experiences – what we could call each individual family member’s “account” of life. And all of these “accounts” are “bound”, interwoven, and brought together inside of the larger, cohesive structure or construct that IS family.

Inside of harmony, families experience peace, calm, congruence, and agreement as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of their personal lives while staying connected, supported, grounded, anchored, empowered, uplifted, and inspired by family. Family members become enthralled with their life, their family, their family members’ lives, and by what is possible for each individual AND the family.

What is available in the narrative of YOUR family inside of empowered communication? What is available inside of confidence, self-esteem, and peace of mind – when you, your family, and your educators are working together, united and connected. When you and your family are experiencing harmony, and being empowered to communicate, being connected in relationships, and enthralled with life?

I invite you to open a conversation with me about your child’s communication skills – spoken and/or written language skills. There is more available than you know, and it can all be accomplished from a place of peace, confidence, and harmony for you, your child, and your family.

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